A deep dive into the Frank Olson story, going from the present back seven decades to the 1950s

Eric Olson’s commentary and personal research

In an illustrated talk given at a conference on conspiracy, Eric Olson addresses three questions: What happened to Frank Olson?, What is a collage?, What do those two questions have to do with each other? (Sponsored by the Centre for Investigative Journalism, Goldsmiths, University of London)
Inaugural Logan Lecture
October 19, 2018
Watch the lecture (Khashoggi discussion at 1 hour, 31 minutes in)
See the slides that accompanied the talk (pdf)

Investigating the Khashoggi murder: Insights from UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard
Featured speaker: Agnes Callamard, Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions, United Nations
Brookings Institution
July 2, 2019

Interview in London with the British journalist, Ranjan Balakumaran.
October 23, 2018

The end of the affair (PDF – 2.6MB)

What really happened in my encounter with Seymour Hersh
By Eric Olson

Seymour Myron “Sy” Hersh is an American investigative journalist and political writer based in Washington, D.C. He has been a longtime contributor to The New Yorker magazine on national security matters, and figures prominently in the first and sixth episodes of “Wormwood.”

If you have a dissident in the system you have a procedure. And maybe some of the people who wrote the reports were involved in the procedure. Maybe it was all one big frantic cover-up.  —Seymour M. Hersh 

Shutting off curiosity
Why has it been so difficult to grasp the truth about Frank Olson?

“I was talking with a friend tonight about my father’s death. My friend said he saw an analogy between my father’s murder and the order given to Francis Gary Powers to kill himself rather than allow himself to be captured by the enemy. The analogy my friend saw lay in the similarity between a national security murder on the one hand, and the order to kill oneself for security on the other hand–the only difference being in whether one’s death comes at the hand of another or at one’s own.”

read more
Only The Shadow Knows

Notes on my meeting with Dr. Robert Gibson
By Eric Olson
December 20, 1999

Code Name Artichoke (PDF – 12MB)
Video (YouTube – 53:45)
This important documentary, which premiered in 2002, was made for German public TV (ARD) by the excellent German investigative journalist Egmont Koch. It contains the only deep reporting to date on the connection between Nazi interrogation programs during WWII and the interrogation efforts carried out in the late 1940s and early 1950s by the CIA’s Artichoke Project. This connection is essential for understanding the crisis Frank Olson underwent in the summer of 1953 after returning from Berlin, as well as the origins of the “enhanced interrogation” methods employed by the CIA after 9/11. “Code Name Artichoke” is packed so densely with information that I find being able to move through it at one’s own pace is helpful in absorbing the unfamiliar and horrifying story it tells. In order to make the narrative of this essential film more easily available, I assembled these storyboards using images and quotations from the film and then added my own running commentary at the top of the pages.
— Eric Olson

Olson family statement released at the August 8, 2002 press conference.

Eric Olson, Ph.D. – Stephan Kimbel Olson – Nils Olson, DDS – Lauren Olson – Kristin Olson

August 8, 2002
Frederick, Maryland

Articles, events, videos, books, and other related stories

From mind control to murder? How a deadly fall revealed the CIA’s darkest secrets
By Stephen Kinzer
The Guardian
September 6, 2019

‘Wormwood’: Errol Morris Used Every Tool of Cinema to Investigate a Real-Life Mystery
By Chris O’Falt
IndieWire / Awards 
May 30, 2018

Science Channel’s ‘Deadly Intelligence Investigates Untimely and Unusual Deaths of Brilliant Scientists
The premiere episode looks to uncover the death of Frank Olson, a CIA-employed biological warfare scientist, who died after falling out of the window of a New York City hotel in 1953.
Press Release
Science Channel
April 8, 2018

Is Trump turning the U.S. into Putin’s Russia?
By Virginia  Heffernan
Los Angeles Times
March 10, 2018

Who Killed Frank Olson?
NYRB website, subscription required
PDF Version
By Michael Ignatieff
New York Review of Books
February 22, 2018

Unit 731: How America Exploited Japan’s Biological Weapons Crimes
Written directed and narrated by Paul Johnson
Documentary – January 2018 (Available on Amazon Prime)
Watch the trailer

The Bitter Secret of ‘Wormwood’
By Tamsin Shaw
New York Review of Books
January 18, 2018

Wormwood and a Shocking Secret of War: How Errol Morris Vindicated My Father, Wilfred Burchett
January 12, 2018
How the CIA Tried to Bribe Wilfred Burchett
January 19, 2018
Truth or Treason? Dirty Secrets of the Korean War
January 26, 2018
Russian Historiography of the Korean War
February 13, 2018
By George Burchett

Stephen Endicott analysis of Olson-Korea connection

1953: The Year Of Living Dangerously
By Fariba Amini
January 9, 2018

Wormwood: The Companion Podcast
By Netflix
Meet the Wormwood Podcast — from Academy Award-winning director Errol Morris, this is the official companion piece to the Netflix genre-bending documentary Wormwood.
iTunes Podcast – December 2017

A Guide to the People, Places, and CIA Mind-Control
Programs of Wormwood

By Brian Tallerico
December 19, 2017

The CIA’s Secret Experiments (Medical Documentary)
Real Stories
Published on February 10, 2017

CIA Documentary – Biological Weapons & Experimentation on Humans (Frank Olson)
Documentary – 2016 (YouTube)

Hidden Atrocities: Japanese Germ Warfare and American Obstruction of Justice at the Tokyo Trial
By Jeanne Guillmen
Columbia University Press

Suit Planned Over Death of Man C.I.A. Drugged
By James Risen
New York Times
November 27, 2012

CIA Secret Experiments (DOCUMENTARY)
National Geographic Television Special
Published on October 27, 2012

Chap 1. “Frank Olson — Nov. 28, 1953
Skyhorse Publishing, 2012
Excerpts used with permission of the authors

Dead Wrong: Straight Facts on the Country’s Most Controversial Cover-Ups
By Richard Belzer
August 14, 2012

Mind Control and Assassination
May 25, 2011
A Terrible Mistake: H.P. Albarelli’s Investigation into CIA Scientist’s Murder, at the Crossroads of Mind Control and Assassination
May 4, 2010
By Melissa Roddy

Dr. G: America’s Most Shocking Cases
Feature on the Frank Olson case
Discovery Health Channel
Premier 9 PM EDT, April 2, 2010

US germ warfare in Korea (DPRK, 1952, in korean + engl. subt.)
Documentary film examines the allegation of American use of biological weapons in the Korean War.
March 17, 2010
Related clip: Japanese Unit 731.
Related clip: Secret Detrick deal with the Japanese.

Frank Olson’s murder is like a nuclear bomb in an 18th-century naval battle…
Frank Olson, Enemy Combatant
By David Swanson
March 26-28, 2010

You think that finding the answer to this is gonna restore the path of your own life. But how can it possibly do that if you’ve lost yourself along the way? —Eric Olson, Wormwood

Long, strange trip:
Did the CIA test LSD in the New York City subway system?

By Philip Messing
New York Post
March 13, 2010

Red Ice Radio – H.P. Albarelli Jr. – Germ Warfare, CIA, LSD, Dr. Frank Olson
YouTube video (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)
Red Ice Radio
February 10, 2010

The Pont St.-Esprit Incident
Very bad trip à Pont-Saint-Esprit
En 1951,un bourg entier du Gard hallucine pendant une semaine. Un journaliste américain prétend avoir percé le mystère : le village aurait été arrosé de LSD par la CIApour une expérience secrète.
Par Loïc Chauvin

PDF version
Les Inrockuptibles, numéro 744 / 3 mars 2010

Related links on Pont St.-Esprit:
Interview with H.P. Albarelli.
Red Ice Radio on YouTube.
Telegraph (London).
Government Executive. com

A History of Chemical and Biological Weapons
By Edward M. Spiers
April 30, 2010

Dead Silence: Fear and Terror on the Anthrax Trail
By Bob Coen

A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments
By H. P. Albarelli Jr.
July 1, 2009

The Ghost of Frank Olson
Documentary – November 28, 2009

The Men Who Stare at Goats
By Jon Ronson
Picador Books
September 2004
Chapters on the Olson story omitted from the 2009 George Clooney film

The 1953 House

Watch clips from “Anthrax War,” including a video from
The Ghost of Frank Olson

The Ghost of Frank Olson (PDF)
Chapter 4 of,
Dead Silence: Fear and Terror on the Anthrax Trail
By Bob Coen and Eric Nadler
Counterpoint Press
June 9, 2009

Anthrax War
Premier on CBC Newsworld, March 29, 2009, 9 PM Eastern.
A documentary film on the world of biological weapons takes its point of departure in the anthrax letters sent after 9/11, then follows the trail wherever it leads. Includes a segment on the Olson case.
A Canada-France coproduction directed by Bob Coen, produced by Galafilm and TelFrance / Transformer Films for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Société Radio-Canada, and ARTE.

The CIA Magician: John Mullholland’s Secret Life
by Ben Robinson
Library Books

Sins of the CIA
Chapter 10 of,
Philadelphia Freedom, Memoir of a Civil Rights Lawyer
By David Kairys
Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2008
© David Kairys
Note: Attorney David Kairys and his partner David Rudovsky represented the Olson family in dealings with the U.S. government in the 1970s)

Code Name Artichoke
airs in France

August 11, 13, 17, 23, 2008

This is different: Son of scientist who died in 1953 compares cases then and now
By Karen Gardner
Frederick News Post
The Buce Ivins anthrax letters “suicide” and the Olson case
August 05, 2008

CIA Secret Experiments
One-hour documentary special:
National Geographic Channel
Premier: March 10, 2008, 10 PM
Also airs:
Tuesday, March 11, 12 AM
Monday, March 17, 6 PM

Memories of a C.I.A. Officer Resonate in a New Era
By Scott Shane
New York Times
February 24, 2008
In 1960, C.I.A officer Larry Devlin was told by Sidney Gottlieb to kill a Congolese politician, an episode that resonates with today’s debate about the limits of covert actions to counter a different global threat.

C.I.A. Destroyed Tapes of Harsh Interrogations
By Mark Mazzetti
December 6, 2007
The C.I.A. destroyed the videotapes in 2005 in the midst of congressional and legal scrutiny about its secret detention program, according to government officials.

Norman Mailer dead at 84
November 10, 2007

Secrets and Lies: A History of CIA Mind Control and Germ Warfare
Book By Gordon Thomas (Author)
November 1, 2007

Norman Mailer on the Olson case: excerpts from Mailer’s novel Harlot’s Ghost

Defenestration Opera
Opera based on the Frank Olson story (one part of a “Defenestration Trilogy) opens in New York.
October 5, 2007

I still remember, one o’clock in the morning, asleep, getting a call from Eric… July 1975. ‘Did you see the headlines in the paper today? The guy on the front page of the newspaper hurling out the window, that’s my father.’ — David Rudovsky

CIA’s darkest secret
(CIA release of “Family Jewels”)
By James Carroll
Boston Globe
July 2, 2007

The Living Weapon
PBS documentary film on the history of biological warfare.
February 5, 2007

Best and Brightest
By David Denby
Review of “The Good Shepherd”
The New Yorker
Issue of December 25, 2006-January 1, 2007

The postwar photographs that British authorities tried to keep hidden
By Ian Cobain
April 2, 2006

Harold Pinter – Nobel Lecture
Art, Truth & Politics
“Everyone knows what happened in the Soviet Union and throughout Eastern Europe during the post-war period: the systematic brutality, the widespread atrocities, the ruthless suppression of independent thought. All this has been fully documented and verified.

“But my contention here is that the US crimes in the same period have only been superficially recorded, let alone documented, let alone acknowledged, let alone recognized as crimes at all. I believe this must be addressed and that the truth has considerable bearing on where the world stands now. Although constrained, to a certain extent, by the existence of the Soviet Union, the United States’ actions throughout the world made it clear that it had concluded it had carte blanche to do what it liked.”

It Didn’t Start with Abu Ghraib: The Olson Case—Dick Cheney: Vice President for Torture and War (PDF)
By Jeffrey Steinberg
Executive Intelligence Review
Volume 32, Number 44, November 11, 2005

The Rough Guide to Conspiracy Theories
By James McConnachie and Robin Tudge
Penguin Books, September 2005

Frank Olson: The Man Who Fell Thirteen Stories

Chapter 3 of A Voice for the Dead: A Forensic Investigator’s Pursuit of Truth in the Grave.
By James E. Starrs (Professor of Law and Forensic Science, George Washington University Law Center) with Katherine Ramsland.
Read the entire chapter here

Conclusion of a forensic investigator, Professor James Starrs:

G. P. Putnam’s Sons
February 2005

We come into the seventh floor, the hotbed of the CIA. It all looked normal until I saw these bowls. Burn bowls, yeah. Made it clear where I was. The destruction of documents was very important to this organization. — David Kairys

Radio interview with Eric Olson
“The International Connection,” hosted by Greg Duffell and Daniel Besharat (one hour).

CKLN Radio, Toronto
Originally broadcast on Oct. 6 and Oct. 13, 2002
Rebroadcast on the “AluhLooyah Show,” Independent Media Center Radio Network (San Diego), 24 minutes into the show, December 9, 2004

“Crazy Rulers of the World.”
TV documentary for British Channel 4 on Sidney Gottlieb and his legacy, including the murder of Frank Olson.
Directed by Jon Ronson
Based on Ronson’s book The Men Who Stare at Goats.
(Air date in England: November 21, 2004)

The Men Who Stare at Goats

By Jon Ronson
Picador Books
September 2004

The Terror Doctors
Special issue of Freedom Magazine (Vol. 36, Issue 2, September 2004).

Inside the Sleep Room

By Gordon Thomas.
(Article on British psychiatrist William Sargant, Canadian psychiatrist Ewen Cameron, and American psychiatrist Louis “Jolly” West; includes a discussion of the Olson case.)

Son probes strange death of WMD worker. He believes agents murdered employee of Army to protect government secrets.
By Scott Shane
San Francisco Chronicle
September 12, 2004
(Reprinted from Baltimore Sun, see below.)

Frank Olson: The Man Who Fell Thirteen Stories

By James E. Starrs (Professor of Law and Forensic Science, George Washington University Law Center) with Katherine Ramsland. Excerpt from A Voice for the Dead
(Forthcoming from G.P.Putnam’s Sons, February 2005)

Frederick’s ‘Candidate’ was not Frank Olson, but Frederick itself.

Frederick’s ‘Candidate’
By Roy Meachum
Frederick News-Post
August 4, 2004

President Gerald Ford apologizing in 1975 to the family of Frank Olson,
who died in 1953  after the C.I.A. gave him a dose of LSD.

Is there a connection between “The Manchurian Candidate” and the Olson Case?

By Eric Olson
September 12, 2003

A father lost

Since 1953, Eric Olson has heard more than one explanation for his father’s mysterious death. Now he believes it was murder.
By Scott Shane
Baltimore Sun
August 1, 2004

Buried secrets of biowarfare

During the Cold War, top Army scientists toiled stealthily in rural Maryland to make covert weapons coveted by new enemies.
By Scott Shane
Baltimore Sun
August 1, 2004

How brainwashing came to life and thrived
By Jeff Stryker
San Francisco Chronicle
August 1. 2004

US Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld Linked to “Murder of CIA Scientist
By Gordon Thomas
June 2004

Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the Manchurian Candidate
by Maureen Farrell
May 18, 2004

Acid Drop

By Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen.
Chapter 80 of:
The 80 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time
January 2004

War and Never Having to Say You’re Sorry
By Samantha Power
The New York Times
December 14, 2003

Margaret Singer, a Leading Brainwashing Expert, Dies at 82
By Anahad O’Connor
The New York Times
December 7, 2003

Mystery Surrounds Death of State Dept. Official
By Wayne Madsen
special to From The Wilderness
November 20, 2003

The Dark Art of Interrogation
By Mark Bowden.
The Atlantic Monthly
October 2003

Final agony of RAF volunteer killed by sarin – in Britain
As the inquest into the death of a ‘human guinea pig’ at Porton Down opens, a witness breaks 50 years’ silence to recount the horrors he saw

By Antony Barnett, public affairs editor
Guardian Unlimited
September 28, 2003

Fort Detrick is a United States Army Medical Command installation located in Frederick, Maryland. Historically, Fort Detrick was the center of the US biological weapons program from 1943 to 1969.

Brainwashed: Where the ‘Manchurian Candidate’ came from
By Louis Menand
The New Yorker
September 15, 2003

Scientist was the ‘Bane of Proliferators
By Judith Miller
New York Times
July 21, 2003

British Arms Expert at Center of Dispute on Iraq Data is Found Dead, His Wife Says
By Warren Hoge with Judith Miller
New York Times
July 19, 2003

Ft. Detrick Unearths Hazardous Surprises: Cleanup Finds Debris Of Biological Warfare
By Elizabeth Williamson
Washington Post
May 27, 2003

The Front Lines of Biowarfare
Today’s Anti-Terrorism: Effort Casts Early Test Subjects in New Light

By David Snyder
Washington Post
May 6, 2003

Murray, the Zelig

Chapter 18 of,
Harvard and the Unabomber: The Education of an American Terrorist.”
By Alson Chase
New York: W.W. Norton

Lieutenant Colonel Vincent Ruwet was part of the Army Chemical Corps. Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick in the 1950s , when it was known as “Camp Detrick.”

Code Name Artichoke
Director: Egmont Koch, Michael Wech | Producer: Egmont Koch
Documentary – 2002

The Mysterious Death of CIA Scientist Frank Olson”
By H. P. Albarelli Jr.
Crime Magazine
December 18, 2002

TV film on death of Frank Olson:
German documentary charges US used biological weapons in Korean War.

Summary and review by Peter Schwarz.
November 13, 2002

Richard Helms, Ex-C.I.A. Chief, Dies at 89
By Christopher Marquis
New York Times
October 24, 2002

Deckname Artischocke: Die geheimen Menschenversuche der CIA
By Egmont Koch and Michael Wech.
(Book on the Frank Olson case and its historical context, published in German. Title in English: “Codename Artichoke: The Secret Human Experiments of the CIA.”)
352 pages, including index.
C. Bertelssmann verlag, München, publisher.

Government-linked ‘suicide’ probed
1954 incident bears similarities to death of CIA biochemist

By H.P. Albarelli Jr.
September 8, 2002

Radio interview with Eric Olson
“Frank R. Olson CIA Death.”
An examination into the death of Frank R. Olson in 1953 and work by his family at establishing the exact cause. Did Frank Olson know far too much about US germ warfare and mind control to quit his post?
Hosts Greg Duffell and Daniel Besharat
Program, “International Connection.”
CKLN Radio, Toronto
August 31, 2002

The CIA, the Bush Gang and the Killing of Frank Olson
By Chris Floyd
August 28, 2002

Scientist Was Killed to Stop Him Revealing Death Secrets; So Did Cheney and Rumsfeld Cover Up a CIA Assassination?

By Gordon Thomas
London Sunday Express
August 25, 2002

Did he jump or was he pushed?
By Jon Ronson
The Guardian (London)
August 17, 2002

LSD für hartnäckige Zeugen

By Matthias Gebauer
August 14, 2002

Code Name Artichoke: The Secret Human Experiments of the CIA.

A one-hour documentary film on the death of Frank Olson in its international historical context; produced and directed by Egmont Koch and Michael Wech, Bremen, Germany.
(Premier August 12, 2002, on ARD Network in Germany; international version in English available.)

In reburial, Olsons hope to lay saga of father to rest.

By Stephanie Desmon
Baltimore Sun
August 9, 2002

Scientist’s death haunts family
By Fredric N. Tulsky
San Jose Mercury News
August 7, 2002

Sex, Drugs, and the CIA – (3 Part article)
By Douglas Valentine
CounterPunch Special Report
June 20, 2002

The C.I.A.’s Domestic Reach
By Tim Weiner
New York Times
January 20, 2002

U.S. Selling Papers Showing How to Make Germ Weapon
By William J. Broad
New York Times
January 13, 2002

Army harvested victims’ blood to boost anthrax: Ex-scientists detail Detrick experiments

By Scott Shane
Baltimore Sun
December 23, 2001

The Coldest Warrior
(Profile of Sidney Gottlieb; includes extended discussion of the Olson case.)
By Ted Gup
Washington Post Magazine
December 16, 2001

Capitol Hill Anthrax Matches Army’s Stocks
By Rick Weiss and Susan Schmidt
Washington Post
December 16, 2001
(Three of the sites essential to the Frank Olson story—Ft. Detrick, Dugway, and Porton Down—appear in the current investigations into the sources of anthrax.)

Two-part history of anthrax, by H.P. Albarelli, Jr.:
1. The secret history of anthrax: Declassified documents show widespread experimentation in ’40s.”
WorldNet Daily
November 6, 2001

2. Feds’ involvement in anthrax experiments: Records show conflicting reports about bacterium’s use as weapon
WorldNet Daily
November 21, 2001
(Part II of this history contains important new information on the Frank Olson case, particularly with respect to the European connection.)

NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr questions the validity of President Ford’s 1976 executive order barring U.S. involvement in the assassination of foreign leaders.
NPR Podcast  September 17, 2001

U.S. Germ Warfare Research Pushes Treaty Limits
By Judith Miller, Stephen Engelberg, and William J. Broad
New York Times
September 4, 2001

Mid-century deaths all linked to CIA? New evidence in Olson case suggests similarities with other incidents
By H.P. Albarelli Jr. and John Kelly
WorldNet Daily
September 4, 2001
(To locate all articles published by WorldNet Daily related to the Olson case go to WorldNet Daily and enter “Olson and CIA” in the search box on the left side of the page.)

Evidence builds in CIA-related death: ‘Suicide’ of scientist preceded secret deal between federal agencies
by H.P. Albarelli Jr. and John Kelly
WorldNet Daily
July 19, 2001

New Evidence in Army Scientist’s Death

By H.P. Albarelli Jr. and John Kelly, first published by WorldNet Daily
July 6, 2001

The ‘Times’ Digs Up Old CIA Death: LSD Story Causes Flashbacks
[Review of Michael Ignatieff’s New York Times Magazine article (see below)].
By Cynthia Cotts
New York Village Voice
April 4, 2001

What Did the C.I.A. Do To Eric Olson’s Father?
(PDF of article)
By Michael Ignatieff
The New York Times Magazine
April 1, 2001

NOTE: The NY Times posting of the Ignatieff article includes links to fourteen other articles from the Times archives, spanning a period from 1975 to 1999, on the Frank Olson case and related CIA history, as well as additional material in PDF format.

The Sphinx and the Spy: The Clandestine World of John Mulholland

By Michael Edwards
Genii Magazine
April 2001

The Hersh Alternative: The Investigations of Seymour Hersh
By Bob Thompson.
Washington Post Sunday Magazine
January 28, 2001

Justice Delayed

By Jonathan Moreno.
The final section of the new Postscript to the paperback edition of Undue Risk: Secret State Experiments on Humans.
November 2000

“The Strange Story of Frank Olson.”
(The Frank Olson story and its connections to the Florida mob.)
By H.P. Albarelli Jr. and John Kelly, Weekly Planet (Tampa, FL)
November 30-December 6, 2000 issue

(The Frank Olson story and its connections to the Israeli Mossad.)
By Ronen Bergman, Yedioth Ahronoth (Hebrew newspaper, Tel Aviv.)
June 6, 2000

Secrets of the Century: Inside the CIA
“Mind Control’s Haunting Specter.”
(The Frank Olson story in the context of the history of the CIA and the Cold War.)
Time-Life Books. (2000)

Biohazard: The Chilling True Story of the Largest Covert Biological Weapons Program in the World–Told from Inside by the Man Who Ran It
By Ken Alibek
April 11, 2000

The Paul Robeson Files

By Paul Robeson Jr.
The Nation
December 23, 1999

Eric Olson still seeking ‘heart of evil’
By Julia Robb
The Frederick News-Post
September 7, 1999

US Poisoned Paul Robeson with Mind-Bending Drug
By Tom Rhodes
Sunday Times of London
March 14, 1999

Cold Justice
CNN, “Newsstand: CNN & TIME”
March 28, 1999

CIA Assassination Manual
WJLA TV-7, Washington “I-Team Report”
February 2, 1999

Gordon Thomas statement

On the experience of Frank Olson in the summer of 1953 and on knowledge of Olson’s death within the Israeli Mossad.
November 30, 1998

The United States and Biological Warfare: Secrets from the Early Cold War and Korea
By Stephen Endicott, Edward Hagerman
November 22, 1998

Meet Sidney Gottlieb – CIA Dirty Trickster
November 19, 1998

Terry Lenzner’s CIA connection: Watergate attorney shielded agency’s ‘Dr. Strangelove
By Sarah Foster, (Nov. 19, 1998)
“MKULTRA in the UK”
WJLA TV-7, Washington, “I-Team Report”
November 4 – 5, 1998

The Olson File: A Secret That Could Destroy the CIA

By Kevin Dowling and Phillip Knightley, from The Mail on Sunday (London, Aug. 1998)
(Reprinted in Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm, June 12, 1999.)

CBS Cable, “Eye on People.”

Finding the cabin at Deep Creek Lake

By Eric Olson
Deep Creek Lake, Maryland
May 8, 1998

CIAcid Trip

By Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen, from The 70 Greatest Conspiracies of all Time: History’s Biggest Mysteries, Coverups & Cabals

CIA Under Suspicion:
Suicide’ of LSD guinea pig probed

By John O’Mahony
New York Post
September 21, 1997

The CIA: Fifty Years of Spying (University members only)
The History Channel-CBS News, “The 20th Century,” Mike Wallace, host
[Opens with the Frank Olson case] September 17, 1997

“Mind Control.”
Turner Broadcasting System, TBS
September 15, 1997

“The Experiment.”
Discovery Channel, “Discover Magazine”
June 18, 1997

U.S. Knew in 1953 North Koreans Held American POW’s

(On MKULTRA-like experiments done on Americans held captive in 1953 and then executed.)
By Philip Shenon, The New York Times.
September 17, 1996

“Conspiracy of Silence.”
Syndicated TV program, “Sightings.”
February 26, 1995

“Eye on Dr. Frank Olson.”
CBS Evening News, “Eye on America”
November 28, 1994

“The Experiment.”
CBS News, “Eye to Eye”
October 10, 1994

“CIA Coverup.”
NBC TV, “Unsolved Mysteries.”
September 15, 1994

Unsolved Mysteries
Season 7, Episode 1 #198
September 25, 1994

On the Set: Unsolved Mysteries; The Life and Unexplained Death of Dr. Frank Olson
A radio broadcast from the set of “Unsolved Mysteries,” during the filming of the segment on Frank Olson.
Host, Herb Malsman, “Visions.”
Recorded August 6, 1994

Altered States of America

Interview with Ike Feldman, assistant to George White at the CIA safehouse/whore house
By Richard Stratton, Spin Magazine
March 1994

Unit 731: Japan’s Secret Biological Warfare in World War II
By Peter Williams
March 1, 1989

“Mission Mind Control”
ABC News

Concerning the Case of Dr. Frank Olson
By John Marks, from his book, 
The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control 

The CIA’s Electric Cool-aid Acid Test

By Tad Szulc
Psychology Today
November 1977

LSD -25 is the most potent psychoagent available at the present time. Trace quantities of LSD-25 create serious mental confusion in the manic and schizophrenic types and render the mind temporarily susceptible to suggestion. … But there are as yet insufficient data to confirm or deny its usefulness for eliciting true and accurate statements from subjects under its influence.

LSD: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


Frank Olson File: The CIA’s Bad Trip

By Melissa Roth
George Magazine, “The Spy Issue”
October 1977

The Diaries of a CIA Operative

On George White, operator of the CIA safe house/whore house, including his connections to the Olson case.
By John Jacobs
The Washington Post
September 5, 1977

C.I.A.’s Files on LSD Death Found to be Contradictory
(on the Colby documents – 31MB PDF)
By Joseph B. Treaster,
The New York Times
January 11, 1976

Destruction of LSD Data Laid to C.I.A. Aide in ’73
By Nicholas M. Horrock
The New York Times
July 18, 1975

Ex‐C.I.A. Aide Says Scientist Who Died Knew About Experiments With LSD
By Joseph B. Treaster
The New York Times
July 18, 1975

CIA Misled Cops on LSD Suicide
By Frank Faso and William Sherman
New York Daily News
July 11, 1975
See link to “What Did the C.I.A. Do To Eric Olson’s Father?” for New York Times articles from the 1970’s.

Suicide Revealed

By Thomas O’Tooole
Washington Post Staff Writer
Washington Post
June 11, 1975

The Day of St. Anthony’s Fire
By John G. Fuller

Army Bacteriologist Dies in Plunge from N.Y. Hotel
Frederick News-Post
November 29, 1953