Frank Olson’s Window

Bitter truth and liberating transformation — Wormwood and the Collage Method — are unlikely bedfellows, joined in the Frank Olson Legacy Project by dialectical logic, historical circumstance, and existential necessity.

Twin beacons in a complex quest, we hope to sustain and extend our commitment to both in the years to come through research, investigation, collation, dissemination, public education, and practical application. The materials gathered on this website reflect the depth, scope, and decades-long duration of this effort.

We think of the project and the view it provides as Frank Olson’s window — a pane, finally, of surprising juxtaposition, luminous insight, and indispensable perspective. If you have found these resources valuable, we would appreciate your considering a contribution to help us preserve and continue the work.

With appreciation and thanks,
Eric Olson, Ph.D.